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When a Business Valuation May Not Equate to a True Market Value Analysis (MVA) – March 3 Webinar

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When people say they want a “valuation” for their small business for purposes of potentially selling, what they are really asking is “What’s the value of my IT Services business to a buyer?”

The answer they typically get from an accountant or business valuation expert is often wildly wrong or a skewed, rosier picture of their business to make them feel good about the price they just paid to said expert.

Cogent Growth Partners can offer owners of IT Service businesses insight into the “real deal” when it comes to calculating their value from the eyes of a buyer in the space through MVAs. We’ve completed more than 130 transactions over the last eleven years and can share lessons learned helping owners of MSPs, Cyber Security/MSSP, Cloud/Hosted Services, SaaS, IT Software, Application Development and all other Information Technology service focused businesses plan for their future.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn:

  • What really goes into determining a purchase price through a MVA
  • How to prepare your business for highest and greatest return
  • What to expect in terms of deal structure when it comes time to sell

Contrary to popular belief, there is no single path to exiting your business, but early and realistic preparation will help you receive your just reward.

Mark your calendar now in preparation for this valuable event, then get prepared by bringing any questions you may have about realizing the best outcome for your hard-earned investment.