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Compex, Inc.

Matthew Middlestetter

Matthew Middlestetter

Former President & Owner | Compex, Inc.

“Buying or selling is rewarding in the end, but not an easy ride. Even as the seller to Cogent’s client (the buyer), as we were, working with Cogent will help you navigate the challenge ahead. The Cogent staff was professional, knowledgeable and on-time. When selling your business, emotions run high. At some point you will lose your cool and Cogent’s team will help you get back on track and maintain a professional and congenial transaction for everyone. They employ IT industry personnel that understand each business is different and work to bridge the gaps between buyer and seller. The Cogent process assures that everything is done in an orderly fashion and timelines are met for everyone. Selling or buying won’t be fun, but with Cogent it can be done.”

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