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Leo Reap

Senior Partner | IT Resource, Inc.

Unabridged Q&A with our two-time buyer:

  • Did Cogent’s capabilities fit my needs? Cogent took time to completely review our company and our needs as a buyer and then set to work finding seller candidates with similar values and culture.
  • Why should I bother hiring Cogent? There are so many ways to buy a company that you do not want to guess. We hired the experts at Cogent to help us execute a winning M&A strategy.
  • Does Cogent really add value? Cogent’s significant value add comes from doing the exhaustive analysis of the seller candidates and from presenting due diligence information to us (the buyer) in a manner that makes logical sense, while allowing seller negotiated modifications and buyer expectations to be realized during the entire process.
  • Why wouldn’t I just do this by myself? Much like you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, we let Cogent be the surgeon for our deals. The risks and time commitments are just too high to do it yourself without the benefit of experts who do this every day.
  • You have done multiple deals; what has that experience been like and how has it helped your company? We have seen our revenues grow about 25% annually since our first deal and the acquired talent expertise has strengthened our original business processes resulting in added margin as well.
  • Does Cogent know what they are doing? Absolutely! I wouldn’t trust anyone else for M&A in the MSP industry!
  • Is it worth the expense to engage with Cogent? Yes. It’s not really an expense if it saves you time, money, aggravation, and sleep – it’s an investment that pays dividends.

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