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Professional Computer Support

Dan Hernandez

President of Professional Computer Support

“I have been a business owner for over 25 years and thought I had seen everything, but when I was approached in April 2019 with the opportunity to acquire another MSP, I found myself unsure how to proceed. After a disastrous experience with a CPA firm, and an equally unsuccessful attempt to partner with a local attorney, I was left lost and hesitant to continue. However, this all changed when Cogent Growth Partners was highly recommended through a partner in my network. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and knowledge of my needs as an MSP. I had the pleasure of working directly with George Sierchio in order to get the ball rolling on this lucrative opportunity, and finally was able to get myself unstuck. Cogent became my partner and advocate as we evaluated the value of the MSP I planned to acquire and put forward a Letter of Intent. Though we were competing against four other bids, Cogent’s tenacity and expertise allowed us to close the deal within six weeks. Through their own extensive network, I was referred to a Bay Area attorney who saved me over 10k in legal fees due to his expertise with Cogent and their process. Thanks to Cogent and their stellar team, I was able to exponentially grow my business. I could not recommend them highly enough for those technology leaders searching for a reliable, experienced partner in the M&A field.”

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