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Chris Chamberlin & Brad Wilson

Chris Chamberlin & Brad Wilson

Co-Owners | Iris Solutions

Meeting the Cogent team during a technology security event was the best thing that could have happened to us as we were evaluating an acquisition of our firm. This was the first time we worked with a private equity group that was interested in acquiring our firm after another potential purchase of theirs fell through at the last minute.

Once this group found out that we were working with Cogent to help transition the sale, a lot of things became much easier. For starters, the PE group knew that we were serious about selling and were committed to the process. They knew that we had an experienced partner that would be able to provide clear expectations for us as we went through the negotiations. Cogent was also able to act as an intermediary between us and the PE group which ended up keeping details of the sale and negotiations focused on facts, so it wouldn’t become emotional.

In addition, Cogent’s team was able to keep the entire buying process organized and on track both from our side and the buyers side which was essential in hitting all deadlines. I never would have imagined how much data and documentation needed to be shared and, in some instances, created. With Cogent’s help we were able to provide all the required documentation without impacting our day to day responsibilities with our company. Had we not had Cogent, there would have been no way to effectively run and operate our business AND fulfill all the buying parties’ requests.

We would absolutely recommend hiring Cogent to help with any business sale or acquisition. Their experience, team, and organization of our transaction was essential in achieving our desired outcome.

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