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Micah Lucas


Micah Lucas

Senior Associate
Due Diligence Analyst

Micah Lucas, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, is a seasoned business professional with a background in legal analysis, due diligence, and deal development. During the last 8 years, his advisement and analysis has been critical for the successful completion of over 90 merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions within the information technology space.

When he is not working on M&A transactions, Micah enjoys mentoring youth, providing counsel for young entrepreneurs and young professionals, traveling, and developing and revitalizing under-served communities. Micah, a proud graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology with studies in architecture and finance, served as a board member of the Georgia Tech Black Alumni Organization for 6 years. During his tenure as a board member and to this day, Micah works to increase the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of minority students within STEM and particularly at the Georgia Institute of Technology by visiting local churches and high schools to speak with prospective students and providing campus tours to student groups.

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