Skilled Buy-Side Intermediaries

Successful transactions from the first meeting, to closing and beyond

Buy-Side Representation Throughout the Deal Timeline

Qualified Seller

Qualified Sellers

Proprietary Transaction Analysis Model

Deal Facilitation

Complete Deal Facilitation

Represent your company and tell your story with the support of a trusted M&A partner.

Transaction Analysis Model (TAM™), Cogent's Proprietary Method

Cogent uncovers information about your company, so we can find the best possible candidates for you.

Analyst working on your Transaction Analysis Model


The TAM analyzes your business's operational and financial information to best understand and tell your story.


Learn about the current state of your business from a 3rd party.


Understanding your own TAM will help you assess M&A opportunities.

Our Merger & Acquisition Opportunities

Searching for business opportunities

Based on your Transaction Analysis Model, we focus in on businesses in the marketplace that are a strong match for you and your business.

Next Steps

Identify and Recruit Candidates

Get started right away. From the first day of receiving your mandate, Cogent’s Outreach Team will begin gathering our list of potential candidates from our internal database. Our outreach efforts are discreet – you won’t know their names until they agree to an NDA, but you’ll know enough to decide if you want to take the next step.

Negotiate Letter of Intent (LOI) & Closing

Using the candidate’s TAM, we will develop structure and deal points with you through an interactive process. We want to give acquisition candidates confidence that the Letter of Intent (“LOI”) is reflective of the actual deal, rather than submitting a “term sheet” before knowing the details (that’s why we have such a high LOI-to-closing ratio).

Integration Planning

Mitigate risk and ensure your core business remains as stable as possible throughout the post-closing integration time frame with our approach. Our project management timeline includes guidance for both sides to work on pre-integration planning, resulting in a smooth, orderly, and predictable transition.

Synergize & Repeat

When integration is fairly complete, your business should be well positioned to begin leveraging its new scale, optimization opportunities, and synergistic possibilities. As the business begins to accrue the benefits from free cash flow, we again turn our attention to acquisition opportunities. Thus, the Cogent Transaction Lifecycle begins anew.

You Need a Buy-Side Intermediary.

Cogent is here to help you.

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