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Cogent Growth Partners Referral Program


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We’ll Reward You for a Referral

Do you know an owner who might be ready or interested in selling their IT Services business? They may benefit from Cogent Growth Partner’s buy-side intermediary services – when we introduce them to our clients or, at a minimum, from our guidance as an intermediary exclusively focused on the IT services space.

All our clients are qualified, well-run, well-funded buyers and we’re looking for sellers, or potential sellers, to introduce them to.

For every qualified referral that closes a transaction with us, you’ll be eligible to receive a percentage of our advisory fee. Our fees are paid by our buyers and our services are of no cost to the seller. There are no commitments and no requirements. All we need is a warm email introduction and we’ll take it from there!

It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win – a win for us, a win for our buyers, a win for the company you refer and a win for you!

Register to become a referral partner and we’ll contact you to discuss the details soon!

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