Selling Your Business is a Very Big Decision

It has to be the right opportunity for you and your people.

First Things First

The most successful deals happen when you have the chance to explore the opportunity.

There are deep relationships with your customers and your employees at the center of your business when it’s time to sell, the “why” matters.

“How” and “when” will be discussed later.

When It's Time to Sell

Reciprocal Trust

Business Continuity


Buy-Side Advisors for IT Companies Help You

You never pay us unless you're looking for something special, like our Market Value Analysis.

Analyst working on your Transaction Analysis Model

Identify Buyers Who are the Best Match

Buyers are searching for a strong cultural and operational fit.

Buyers are Motivated by Growth

Our buyers likely offer the ability to help your company grow beyond your current organic pace.

We Will Engage the Right Buyer for Your MSP

Qualified buyers are ready and available throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Cogent Represents a Community of Buyers Actively Seeking Purchase Opportunities

Small to Large IT Services Companies with $5-300 Million in Revenue

Private Equity Firms

Qualified Buyers, If and When You're Ready

Choosing to sell your business is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. When the right opportunity presents itself, Cogent is here to help.

The Cogent Way

From exploring your options to getting the deal done.

Get in touch with Cogent to begin exploring your options.

Schedule a preliminary Discovery Call with one of Cogent's Partners. Tell us about your firm and find out if we already have a buyer.

Allow Cogent to share generic information about your business with buyers who may be a match.

If next steps are warranted, we send you an NDA, so you can approve or reject buyers as you see fit.

Once NDAs are signed, we make introductions and move forward in the process.

Select a preliminary call or meeting to see if there is a "spark." To learn more about the buyer's perspective, click here.

Already Discussing a Deal with Another Company?

We'll help you get the deal closed, no matter where you are in the process.

I'm Not Ready to Sell, But What's My Company Worth?

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