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George Sierchio a Channele2e Webinar Guest: MSP Acquisitions-What Buyers Look For in Sellers

On Thursday October 27, 2016 George Sierchio joined Joe Pannettieri as a guest on a web cast aimed at discussing what Buyers look for in potential Sellers. (WEB CAST WAs RECORDED)

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Guest Speakers:

Guy Fardone, President & Founding Partner, Evolve IP: Evolve IP has acquired seven MSPs and IT services providers in recent years. Evolve IP raised $100 million in private equity funding earlier this year for potential acquisitions

George Sierchio, VP and Senior Partner, Cogent Growth Partners: Cogent is a buy-side M&A advisor that has offered strategic guidance on 60+ MSP acquisitions.

What We’ll Cover:

What buyers (private equity firms, peer MSPs, strategic acquirers, etc.) want from sellers
Fine-tuning your business for a potential sale

One-, three- and five-year plans to prep for exit

What to tell (and not tell) potential buyers

Bonus: Registrants will receive early access to ChannelE2E’s Funding Database — allowing you to search for angels, private equity firms and other investors who can back your business.

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