Cogent Enterprise Valuation

An Enterprise Valuation with Cogent is a strategic differentiator for sellers

A Cogent Enterprise Valuation delivers more value

Why get a Cogent Enterprise Valuation? 

Understand your current valuation to compare with your business goals, get a roadmap to adjust and reach them, prepare your business for the market, or use the valuation for internal transactions like buying out a partner or bringing in a new one.

Comprehensive Analysis

We examine your financial health, market position, growth potential, operational efficiency, asset value, and risk to set a fair price and give buyers a full picture. Our tailored analysis reveals the strategic value of your IT services business to prospective buyers, whether that buyer is a 3rd party or an internal equity holder.

Specialized Expertise

As IT specialists, we highlight key aspects like intellectual property, software assets, and recurring revenue to capture your business's true value.

Building Trust and Partnership

Our approach builds trust, smooths negotiations, and leads to successful sales. We're your friendly guides, making sure every move counts.

Six Ways a Cogent Enterprise Valuation Improves Profitability and Value

Optimized Financial Performance

A detailed financial analysis identifies cost-saving opportunities and revenue enhancement strategies, boosting overall profitability.

Enhanced Strategic Planning

Understanding the true value of your assets and operations helps in crafting effective business strategies and making informed investment decisions.

Increased Market Competitiveness

Highlighting your business's strengths and market position can attract potential buyers and partners, enhancing market competitiveness.

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks early ensures smoother operations and increases business resilience, adding to the overall value.

Improved Negotiation Power

A comprehensive valuation provides a solid foundation for negotiations, ensuring you get the best terms and maximizing your business’s worth.

Access to Capital

With a clear valuation, you can more effectively attract investors, add to your retirement account, or perhaps fund your next venture if exiting the business.

A Cogent Enterprise Valuation
is Personal, not Programmatic

Key Insights: Transaction Analysis Model (TAM™) result highlights

Company Insights: Narrative on key findings specific to your business

Buyer Interests: What to maintain and improve

Risk Factors: Pros, cons, and areas for improvement

KPI Analysis: Comparison to benchmark ranges

Green flags: your strengths to maintain and enhance

Market Fit: Fair purchase price guidelines and buyer compatibility

Deal Structures: Potential payment options and alternatives.

"Managers and investors alike must understand that accounting numbers are the beginning, not the end, of business valuation."

- Warren Buffett

Traditional "Valuation"


Cogent Enterprise Valuation

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