Wanting to grow your IT services business as a buyer?

Leverage our expertise to identify and acquire high-value IT services businesses that align with your growth objectives

Buy-side Representation Throughout the Deal Timeline

Qualified Sellers

We vet due diligence and financial modeling on potential sellers you're considering, or connect you with sellers who are thoroughly vetted and ready to make a deal, ensuring high-quality opportunities for your business.

Identify Businesses That are the Best Match

Based on our proprietary Transaction Analysis Model (TAM™), we focus on businesses in the marketplace that are strong acquisition matches for you and your business.

Complete Deal Facilitation

From start to finish, we handle all aspects of the deal, making the acquisition process seamless and efficient.

Thousands of Candidates

Our database contains over 30,000 top U.S. TSP, MSP, CSP, SP, MSSP, and IT service firms, and it’s growing every day. We engage in dozens of weekly and hundreds of annual conversations with owners across the USA. To expand in-bound interest, Cogent invests deeply in both traditional and digital marketing and outreach.

Many of these candidates come with comprehensive data sets that include M&A motivation, ideal timeframes, rates, margins, and detailed service capabilities, providing you with the crucial insights needed for informed decision-making.

Why consider an M&A Event as a buyer?

Innovative Growth & Efficiency

Instant New Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate advanced technologies and expertise to immediately enhance your service offerings.

Rapid Scale Economies

Achieve faster economies of scale in capital investments, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Access to Proven Talent

Tap into a pool of experienced professionals to drive innovation and operational excellence from day one.

Dynamic Market Expansion

Geographic Reach

Expand your business footprint into new regions, accessing untapped markets and increasing revenue potential.

Diversified Client Base

Broaden your customer portfolio across various industries, reducing risk and stabilizing income streams.

Brand Recognition

Enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation in new markets, attracting more business opportunities and establishing market presence.

Strategic Partnerships

Vendor Relationships

Gain access to better pricing and exclusive offers through established vendor relationships.

Collaborative Growth

Unlock new growth opportunities by forming alliances with businesses in your acquisition’s inner circle.

Resource Synergy

Leverage shared resources such as technology platforms, research and development, and marketing initiatives to drive efficiency and innovation.

The M&A Process for Buyers

Our comprehensive M&A process ensures your business achieves optimal results at every stage. From strategy and transaction to post-sale integration, we provide expert guidance and support. Here’s how we do it:



Post-Sale Integration

Preparation & Planning

Qualification & Selection

Due Diligence

Final Negotiations & Closing

Integration Implementation

"All lasting business is built on friendship."

- Alfred A. Montapert

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